Key interventions for Adarsh Vidyalaya

7 main pillars of reform combined with few ancillary initiatives

Basic Infrastructure

Lack of/ poor infra major issue; to be a priority

Smart Classrooms

Better enable teachers; provide digital skills; improve online

School Leadership

Developing school leaders for school level ownership and accountability

Community Engagement

Important driver of learning improvements

Teacher Availability

Critical for classroom learning to ensure personalized attention

Teacher Training

Quality of teachers a major gap in school education

Academic Initiatives

Focus on socio-emotional and life skills


  • Ensure one Adarsh Vidyalaya per Gram Panchayat by 2024.
  • Adarsh Vidyalaya will be developed as best-in-class schools over a period of next five years.
  • 4496 Schools Selected covering 33% students.
  • High Enrollment, Integrated (I-X, I-XII) with better infrastructure and PTR given priority.
  • Focus is to transform the ‘Software’ or the learning outcomes of our Children.
  • Involve parent in the education system through SMCs and increase their role in improving children’s learning level.
School of Excellence