Harsh Johar Curriculum

Project Sampoorna

About: Project Sampoorna is a transformative program that seeks to bring Whole Child Development focused approaches in the state. It aims to improve critical social-emotional learning (SEL) of adolescents by building capabilities of teachers and school leadership, strengthening the learning environment in schools and engaging the parent community.

The programme was initiated in 2019 under the aegis of JEPC, as part of its efforts to deliver quality and holistic education in state government schools. In this regard, JEPC and JCERT have entered into a 4 year long MoU with Sampoorna Consortium to achieve whole child development goals through enhancing socio-emotional learning.

Key tenets of the programme

Adolescent focus: The programme seeks to equip adolescents between the ages of 10-19  with social emotional skills enabling them to overcome adversities emerging from facing multidimensional challenges of poverty, abuse, neglect and violence.

System’s strengthening focus: The programme aims to drive systemic change by building the capability of the system to support and implement SEL initiatives in the state.

Evidence building: The programme aims to build data-based and ground-up evidence for SEL implementation in a state to establish the impact of the intervention and integrate the learning into the project design.

# Gender focus:  Ensure the needs and interests of all genders are integrated into the design and execution to enable opportunities for all.

Harsh Johar Curriculum

One of the key features of the programme is the development of a social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum titled Harsh Johar Curriculum for class I - XII.  The curriculum framework and design were created by Sampoorna Consortium and JEPC taking into account the socio-cultural realities of the state. 

Rationale behind Curriculum Development

- The curriculum is designed to focus on building creativity and emotional reasoning skills in adolescents

- It effectively connects SEL skills with the larger outcomes in terms of positive behavioral changes in adolescents

- Curriculum is designed to provide more agency to the learner so that it strengthens skills including decision making and taking initiatives

- It is contextualized for region and culture which will help the children in easily integrating concepts under SEL in their lives while also acknowledging the development lag in students from adverse backgrounds

- Storytelling, arts, movements and journaling are some of the creative tools embedded in the curriculum aimed at engaging students creatively

Outcomes from Implementation of Curriculum


- The Harsh Johar Curriculum was successfully launched by State Hon’ble Chief Minister in November 2022.

- HJC classes are being conducted in 121 covering a total of 18,194 students from Class 6 to Class 12.

- In collaboration with JCERT, Sampoorna Consortium has supported the training of 242 teachers in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies.

- In the first year of implementation i.e. 2021-22, an internal evaluation exercise found that 70% of teachers, officials and parents believe that SEL is a critical component and should be a part of everyday learning for each child.

- Anecdotal evidence from the field has indicated that the introduction of SEL has reportedly enhanced children's self-confidence levels, and improved the teacher-student connection leading to an enhanced school climate.


There is more to growth of children than academics, we need to be more sensitive to support them in and outside classroom” - Teacher from Giridih

I enjoyed being part of the training sessions where my opinion was welcomed and concepts were explained in a simple way”- Warden from East Singhbhum

Social emotional learning has helped us stay calm and mindful even during the uncertainty of the pandemic”- Student in 10th grade in KGBV, Pulamu

I would like to understand what my child is feeling in a better way and help her to follow her dreams”- Father of an adolescent studying in KGBV, Dumka

         Sampoorna Model

Sampoorna Model: Sampoorna brings in a unique operating model by bringing together partners with distinct expertise. The programme’s adopts a multi-track approach, seeks to influence a child’s ecosystem across stakeholders (teachers, HMs, district officials, parents).