School Certification (Certification)

A certification program – “Samwardhan” has been launched by the Department of School Education and Literacy, Jharkhand to identify and recognize schools on the basis of achievement in student learning outcomes. Three levels of certifications - Gold, Silver and Bronze will be part of the program to motivate schools/teachers and sustain momentum over the long term. For the first time in the country, an incentive program is based on achieving learning outcomes metrics, which is measured by an independent, third party agency. A third party expert is ensuring that only real change is rewarded, data is not fudged, and there is an unbiased assessment of change driven by Jharkhand’s Learning Enhancement Program.

In the first three rounds of Certifications, 900 schools were verified by the third party agency, out of which 216 schools have been certified. The state would like to congratulate these 216 schools who have proved that they are deserving of the Bronze Certification. These schools at least have basic competencies mastered among their students.