New PMU set up at JEPC

A platform for young professionals to contribute to Jharkhand’s education system

Why do you want to be a part of this Department?” asked one of the committee members to the applicant during the interview. “Sir! There is this great satisfaction in contributing towards our education system which we can’t find in any other job. Also! Ranchi is my native place. So I want to return to Jharkhand and work here as well as take care of my family.” – pat came the reply from the candidate. The committee had received similar responses from a bunch of other candidates when asked why they wanted to be a part of the PMU at the Department of School Education and Literacy.

Jharkhand has successfully set up a two tier PMU for implementing key initiatives under the SATH-E project, a tripartite agreement between NITI Ayog, Department of School Education and Literacy, Jharkhand and the advisors – BCG and PFEL. The key initiatives include reorganization and consolidation of sub-scale schools, set up and implementation of an effective MIS system (e-Vidya Vahini), implementation of a thorough remediation program called Gyan Setu, extensive training of teachers etc. They have on-boarded more than 50 professionals through outsourcing agencies who have been deployed both at the HQ in Ranchi and at all the 24 districts for implementation of these initiatives.

These professionals come from diverse backgrounds – some were working as IT professionals in metro cities who have decided to return to Jharkhand, some are restarting work post maternity break, some have shifted from other government departments to work in education etc. These professionals have had an elaborate two-day induction program which was inaugurated by Hon’ble CM followed by school visits, workshops, group activities etc. Around 30 professionals selected as District Fellows, have been deputed in districts to support the implementation of these initiatives. They are working as per a defined work plan supporting the districts primarily in collection of students’ and teachers’ data and coordinating with tech vendors for maintenance and repair of tablets provided to schools.

The team at Ranchi HQ has been divided into smaller teams for each initiative led by a Project Manager. The professionals provide critical support to the officials in a bunch of activities such as data analysis on excel, drafting of letters in English and Hindi, preparation of reports for weekly review, identifying errors/issues in the MIS and reporting to the NIC development team, coordinating with the call center to disseminate information to the field, collecting data from the field etc.

The setup of PMU has been a significant achievement for Jharkhand for it has provided the much needed support and leverage to the department officials for implementation of key initiatives within the agreed timelines and additionally, it has provided a competitive platform for young professionals to get involved in the process of reshaping the education system of Jharkhand under the guidance of the Department of School Education and Literacy.

Sneak peak into Jharkhand’s PMU cell at JEPC, Ranchi where more than 50 professionals are working to support implementation of key initiatives in education under SATH-E project through data analysis, report generation, weekly reviews etc.